6 Proven Ways To Stop Overeating


Did you know that the question “How can I stop overeating?” is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet? This makes me sad. And excited, because there are some very satisfying solutions. But first we must understand…

There is no quick one-size-fits-all answer.

Stop looking for one or believing anyone who tells you they’ve got one.

We are complex creatures. We each have our own unique stories, preferences, habits, wounds and strengths, so there can’t be one answer that will fit each one of us.  Just because it works for your sister-in-law doesn’t mean its going to work for you.

Happily though, there are some powerful proven helps we can begin to use right now:

  1.  DO ONE THING FIRST, before you run to food. When you feel driven to crazy-emotional-eat, pick one thing to do before you touch the food.

    Take a 10 minute walk. Breathe deeply for 3 minutes while relaxing your body. Listen to 3 of your favorite songs. Dance too. Water some plants or brush the dog or call a friend…whatever is pleasant and engaging for you. This very often breaks the compulsive spell. 

  2. STOP STARVING yourself.  Deprivation is bad for humans. Under-eating leads to bingeing on large amounts of food. You would not ordinarily consume an entire package of Oreos if you had never felt deprived (or believed they were forbidden).

  3.  LET YOUR BODY LEAD. Tune your ear to your brilliant body's needs. Slow down and listen.

    Is it thirsty, restless or low on energy? How can you best meet the need of the moment? Do you need water? Rest? Physical activity? Quiet?

    When you’re hungry, feed yourself. Then stop eating when your body is not hunger any more. Just try it for 90 days and see what happens.*

  4. GET SUPPORT. Don’t go it alone. We humans rarely make big changes alone; it’s not how we’re wired. We go farther and enjoy it a whole lot more when we travel with others.

  5. GO OUTSIDE. Get that no-ceilin’-feelin’. Get out from under your roof and take a walk with your eyes to the sky while breathing deeply and swinging your arms. Think on nothing troubling while you do this. Don't roll your eyes until you've tried it.

    It’s magic. If you don’t walk outside, I dare you to start.

  6. REGULAR “OFF TIME”. One small respite a day. Remember who you are and what you want, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We can almost always make time for this and the payoff is HUGE over time. 20 minutes of quiet time, morning walk, reflection, relaxing music, meditation, drawing… whatever refreshes you. If you only have 5 minutes – take it.

Look, I know, we long for some new secret plan or miracle answer - but there is no magic bullet.

The truth is, living well in your body and mind comes from living well in your body and mind.

The change we want will come from doing and thinking in new ways - not the same old tired ones.

Do these things for three months. I dare you. Don't think about it - don't question it. Just do it.

It will work - and it will work for YOU. 

*This step requires healing your relationship with food and your body. This is a process that takes some time, practice and support - but it is quite doable. Click here for more information.



 Thanks for the fun photo Andre Furtado!