Getting To Know Cindy…


My heart is helping you find & keep the sane and enjoyable food-life you want… 

My only agenda is your agenda.

What kind of life do you want? What kind of energy, freedom, peace, stamina? Helping you make that happen is my greatest joy!

Living our lives constantly side-tracked by obsessive food thoughts and weight anxiety is absolutely exhausting. It took me way too many years to find the real and lasting freedom I craved. Now there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping others find the freedom and comfortable weight they want, without wasting years doing it.

Here’s a little bit of my story…

and I hope to hear yours soon.

MY CRAZY FOOD LIFE: I now have over six decades of eating experience, but for more than thirty of those years, food was my drug of choice. I was in bondage to food. I loved it, and I hated it.

                   I craved it, and I feared it.

I couldn't wait to eat it, and then hated myself for eating too much. 

I tried every new diet that came along, lost weight on some, and then eventually gained it all back, plus some. Every. Single. Time.

About fifteen years ago, I simply gave up in defeat. I determined never to diet again even if I kept gaining weight till I died. 

To my amazement, freedom found me. In time, I found myself enjoying food for what it was - nothing more and nothing less. After about five years of freedom with food, I began to wonder how this had happened. How had I come to see food as a gift rather than the enemy, as something to be contentedly savored rather than ravenously devoured, often in secret? 

UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY: That was the beginning of an eye-opening time of research and revelation. It slowly became clear to me that dieting had been a dangerously wrong path all along. There were identifiable solid truths about living well with food that made perfect sense. I realized that freedom and peace are really possible – for anyone – and I couldn’t keep it to myself! The more people I told, the more they began to experience the same liberating changes in their lives.

I left the art and art history classroom, which I deeply loved, and trained as a wellness coach.  Now I’m excited every day to be helping others find their liberation.  Few have been under the spell of food more deeply than I and no one is happier about being free. 

It is a lovely thing to live each day thinking about living instead of eating!

FREE TO LIVE: I cherish the liberty to live without the old heavy burden of obsessive food thoughts and body shame following me everywhere I go. To this day it still makes me giddy to be spontaneous, to be free to just go and not stress about my body or my food.

FREE TO ENJOY: I love to get outside and kayak or hike whenever we can. Bob and I have three grown kiddos and two precious granddaughters now. They have our hearts. I am fierce about passing along a sane food-life and genuine body appreciation to these little girls. This is the strong and priceless legacy we can leave to those who come behind us. It has never been more needed.

My mission now is:  

  • To help others move from addictive behavior to freedom, from shame to loving acceptance, from despair to hope, and from unhealthy patterns to a sustainable healthy lifestyle;

  • To create a compassionate coaching environment so people have the safe space they need to make the changes they want to make;

  • To build an encouraging community so no one has to be alone on this journey – and so we can have some FUN along the way!

  • To offer effective, affordable, on-going support as long as it’s needed; and 

  • To build a culture in our community that reaches out to help others find their way to the freedom we now enjoy; and 

  • To intentionally and lovingly model body appreciation and peaceful food-sanity for the generations that come behind us. To help reverse their fear of aging by genuinely thriving. To refuse to continue to agree with or pass on the harmful cultural messages that we have had to overcome. It stops with us. This can be our legacy - and privilege.

TRAINING: I’m an Auburn graduate and received my wellness coaching certification through ©Wellcoaches Corporation, affiliated with The American College of Sports Medicine. 

Coaching is an exciting and powerful process. I continue to hone my skills each year. 


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