Smack Talkin' Keeps You Stuck


When it comes to you and food, how has your brain chatter been lately?

Tune into your inner conversation today. Is it hopeful, proactive, snarky, discouraging? The words you choose to use in your head matter.

 Over the next few days notice what’s going on in there. And. Here’s the vital key to true observation:

Listen in as a curious observer, not as a critical judge.  

If you find that you’re categorizing food, or how you eat it, as “good or bad” or “right or wrong” or “fattening or not” then you’re in danger of getting stuck where you don’t want to be.

When you use this kind of moralistic language around food and your reactions to it, you are unwittingly making food a highly emotionally charged issue, rather than what it is… the fuel that powers your body and brain. This makes it very difficult to make sane decisions that will take you to your health goals.

However, when your inner conversation is about how you feel in your body (awareness), then your choices can be rational and effective. There’s a BIG difference between “Wow, eating lunch so quickly today made me feel bad all afternoon” and “Yuck, I’m a disgusting pig!”

One is an observation that can lead to change. The other is a personal attack.

What might happen if you stopped judging your food choices (and yourself) as good or bad and started living in your body instead? What might change if you ate to feel good instead of trying to be good?

What happens in your brain all day matters.

Practice using life-giving, forward-moving words today and see how things change tomorrow.