Me and My Lemon Cake Tummy Ache

lemon cake-1194779_960_720.jpg

Dieting told us a lot of perplexing lies. Stuff like…                                                                            

  • THIS diet is the answer to all your weight struggles.

  • THIS diet will be your last.

  • You’ll lose the weight fast and then your troubles are over.

  • Of course it’s possible to lose 20 pounds in 20 days.

  • All you need is willpower.

  • If you're having trouble sticking to this diet - the problem is YOU, not the diet.

  • Anybody can do this … so… what’s wrong with you?

The truth is there is only one way to live well with food – and that is to live reasonably with it.

That means having an honest relationship with yourself, your body and your food - and what each of you need. And like any true relationship, you keep working at it. It’s never “done”. It’s not supposed to be. Important relationships are nurtured and enjoyed, pondered and protected. They are always growing and changing – hopefully becoming more and more deep and vulnerable and true.

So relax - the pressure's off! You never have to arrive at perfection. This is a lifelong pilgrimage; we’re in for the long haul.

This past weekend, after eating a bit more lemon cake than my stomach wanted, I thought, once again, that my journey is unfinished…and that is as it should be. I’m always discovering and re-calibrating for my changing world and life. Certainly there is peace now – overeating cake didn't send me into a tail spin or push me into a crazy self-condemning-three-day-binge or fast, as it certainly would have years ago.

One of the things I love most about being devoted to a real relationship with food is that there is no wagon to jump onto or off of. For us liberated eaters it’s the real deal. It’s daily, weekly, monthly, year in and year out. And every moment is another step toward maturing food-sanity, grace for our stumbles and fascinating self-awareness.

Just another good reason to be mindful – so we don’t miss a thing!


Cindy Landham