3 Ways to Handle Halloween Candy With Confidence

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Holidays can bring excitement, and of course, food-anxiety…

Let’s look at three powerful ways we liberated eaters can navigate it with courage and confidence:

1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT AHEAD OF TIME - Take charge by pre-determining how you want to handle the candy thing.  What will bring you the most peace?

It may not look the same every year. This year you may want to:

  • ENJOY SOME: You might choose to savor some of your favorite candy. If so, decide on the amount, the place and a time that feels safe and positive for you to enjoy this intentional treat. Or…

  •  HAVE NONE: You might feel more peaceful about not having any candy at all this year. Perhaps you feel that one piece will lead to the whole bowl.

                 BIG TIP: Be sure to stay satisfied by eating other foods you enjoy.


2. MAKE A DECISION ABOUT LEFTOVER CANDY NOW – This is vital and easy to overlook.

 Be aware of this common misstep. We can be prepared for Halloween, but then get caught off-guard the next day by gobs of leftover candy.

Remember: Leftovers usually cause more pain and regret than food eaten on the holiday.


So. Go ahead and decide what you want to do with leftover candy now.


  • Give it away to a school, church or charity (but I worry about causing cavities…)

  • Grind it up in the garbage disposal while you do a free-&-happy dance!

Be honest with yourself about what might happen if you don’t choose either of these things?

KEEP A LIBERATED MINDSET: Give yourself full permission to throw it all away – guilt free. It has served its holiday purpose.

3. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE – No one walks this holiday-thing perfectly. If you fall back into old patterns, acknowledge it, treat yourself with compassion, and see what you can learn from the experience.

 Ask yourself some powerful self-coaching questions:

  •  When did I go from reasonable to unreasonable with this candy?

  •  What thought, tool or support could have helped me stay in sane-eating mode? 

  •  What lesson do I want to remember for the next holiday?

Don’t be discouraged. Relapse is normal and necessary in any genuine life-change journey. Our stumbles are our very best school!

 As we move toward this special time of year, decide to have a journey mindset.

  • Become a curious student of yourself. Stay in discovery mode.

  • Anticipate good things.

  • Picture yourself getting stronger, wiser, freer and more peaceful with food with each passing holiday.

This year can be the one that changes everything for you.

If you’ve struggled with food for years, this can sound impossible, I know. But it’s true. You really can learn how to handle holidays (and everyday) with peace and confidence. If you need some help, just holler!