Is Your Weight Causing You to Live Small?


For those of us who have struggled with our weight, the feeling of anxiety over social gatherings is a familiar one.  Vacations, reunions, cruises…

All kinds of uncomfortable feelings come up: dread, self-consciousness, regret,  sadness, anger, frustration, fear. And the worst thing of all…WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??

Sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many good things I missed, how many times I made up excuses, prayed to wake up sick - ANYTHING - so I wouldn’t have to be seen. I even missed an old boyfriend’s funeral in college because I couldn’t bear for my friends to see me “blown up”. I cried the entire day of the funeral…feeling every wretched emotion imaginable.

It’s not easy to share this story, but it does illustrate the flawed level of shame I had over my body, not to mention the major misunderstanding I had about my true self.

I wish someone had told me then:

  • Don't wait until you think you're thin enough TO REALLY LIVE!

  • Being your fascinating, unique self has nothing to do with your weight. Some of the most interesting, creative, change-making people in the world were/are not thin.

  • Those who create a legacy are kind, merciful and empathetic. These qualities are in no way related to how much one weighs.

  • You have every right to go places and enjoy doing things.

  • The people who love you love being with you regardless of whether your weight is up or down right now.

  • Your body does not define you. You are mind, spirit and body. Let all of you show up in force!

  • You can get to a comfortable weight, but please, live each day between now and then.

  • Being thinner does not make you more valuable, more worthy, or more capable of loving and being loved.

  • People are drawn to those who are comfortable in their own skin. Relax and be YOU, completely and utterly YOU…with reckless abandon.

So go, my friend. Have fun, and remember that when you are fully alive it inspires others to try it too.